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Why Swissquote Asia Limited?

About Us

Asia Perspective

About Swissquote Bank


About us

Swissquote Asia Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swissquote Bank Ltd, licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

Swissquote Asia Limited’s parent bank, Swissquote Bank Ltd, is Switzerland’s leading online financial and trading services bank and a global leader in forex. With this competitive edge, Swissquote Bank Ltd has been providing first-rate banking services to over 200,000 individual and institutional clients located in more than 120 countries. Swissquote is at the forefront of technology and offers deep liquidity combined with a completely transparent trading model. Its customers can thus benefit from a unique trading environment with precise execution. Swissquote’s financial and economic expert team provides its customers with exclusive and high-quality technical analysis and research reports every day.

Swissquote Asia Limited explains its forex services in the local languages that you are familiar with and allows you to benefit from Swissquote’s extensive global network, its philosophy of banking service excellence and state-of-the-art professional support. No matter what your Forex needs are, Swissquote Asia Limited will provide you with friendly and efficient service. Major banks, financial institutions and brokers can take advantage of tailor-made business cooperation plans through our brand new white label, asset management and business agent solutions.

Asia Perspective

Swissquote Asia Limited’s Hong Kong office provides clients in the region with products and services tailored to their needs and wishes, and strives to bring them the best trading conditions. Swissquote Asia Limited also forms a link in Swissquote Bank’s worldwide network, which provides its clients with seamless multilingual customer service across all time zones.

About Swissquote Bank

Swissquote Bank Ltd is a recognised bank regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Swissquote Group services over 220,000 accounts worldwide from its multiple locations in Switzerland (Gland, Bern, Zurich) and Dubai, London, Malta and Hong Kong*.

Swissquote Bank Ltd has the experience and knowledge to meet the expectations of introducing brokers or money managers looking for a reliable Forex partner, or institutions looking for white labeled technology and liquidity solutions.

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*Swissquote Bank Ltd maintains a local representative office approved by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority ("HKMA") in Hong Kong. It does not carry on banking business or deposit-taking business in Hong Kong.


In accordance with the Swiss Banking Act, our clients around the world benefit from the highest Swiss banking standards, including privileged deposits insurance per creditor in the unlikely case of a bank default.

Regulated in Hong Kong

Swissquote Asia Limited is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong. Swissquote Asia Limited

SFC (AZV127)

Trade Forex with a Swiss bank



Trade the world’s largest market

  •  Competitive spreads on over 70 currency pairs
  •  Flexible transaction sizes
  •  Access the market from desktop, web or mobile platforms
  •  Trade forex conveniently online 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  •  Develop and deploy your own trading strategies
  •  Low margin requirements
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Trading Plateforms

Choose from our broad range of platforms to match your style and needs

Advanced Trader

Our suite of proprietary trading platforms has been designed to make trading the global markets easier, no matter where you are.

MetaTrader 4

Our suite of proprietary trading platforms has been designed to make trading the global markets easier, no matter where you are.

MetaTrader 5

Seamless integration of Swissquote’s pricing and liquidity into the world’s most popular trading platform.

New architecture, new features, new possibilities! Tap into Swissquote’s execution and liquidity on this revolutionary new platform.


Grow your business with our full range of institutional services

Money Manager

  •  Multiple trade allocation platforms
  •  Efficient client on-boarding
  •  Comprehensive reporting

Introducing Broker

  •  Multiple trade platforms
  •  Customized compensation structure
  •  Transparent monitoring tools

White Label

  •  Multiple turnkey platforms
  •  Flexible compensation structures
  •  Inexpensive solutions

Liquidity Solutions

  •  Multiple trading technologies
  •  Agency and market making execution
  •  Margin and credit solutions


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